July 19, 2012
Rock your Tri with These Tri Tips from Vitalyte

Summer is in full swing. While to a lot of people that means vacation, sunburns, and barbecues, we at Vitalyte know better. For us and dedicated triathletes everywhere, summer really means that it’s time to kick up the training in preparation for the fall tri season. For you hard core trainers out there, here are our top three tips for a successful summer training plan.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – and hydrate some more! I know you hear this a lot but I can’t emphasize the importance of staying properly hydrated as the days get hotter and your workouts get more intense. Proper hydration helps your joints stay lubricated, keeps your blood volume at the right level, and helps your body to detoxify effectively by moving waste material out. Notice I said “proper” hydration. Is proper hydration downing a gallon of water and calling it a day? Very simply, the answer is no. You need the right balance of electrolytes to help your body cope with the physiological demands of training. You can ensure you are getting the right balance of absorbable electrolytes by drinking 8 ounces of Vitalyte electrolyte replacement thirty minutes prior to exercise and an additional 4 ounces for every thirty minutes of exercise.

Recovery is without a doubt the forgotten component of training. You get in a great ride, scarf down a bagel, grab a coffee, and rush out the door for the office. Deadlines, phone calls and just too many emails later, lunch is a forgotten promise. Three o’clock rolls around and your frustrated fatigue is assuaged by a a handful of M&M’s and the remains of whatever half-eaten protein bar is hiding in your desk drawer. The next day your alarm goes off at 5am, reminding you that the pool is waiting for you. You are cranky, fatigued and feeling “flat.” Yep, that’s when you know that your recovery got shuffled away with last years taxes and your weekly sales report. Solution: prioritize. You can’t do your job well or do justice to your training if you are not properly fueled, rested, or hydrated. Adhere to these three keys to recovery and your next race experience will be a great one. You can accelerate the recovery process also by including Vitalyte’s Complete Recovery in your daily routine. Take it within thirty minutes of training, and you are on the fast track to combating inflammation, muscle degradation, and body fatigue.

Make gradual and steady steps. Gung-ho to be fit and furious for you upcoming sprint triathlon, you go full force into your training. After the first day back on the bike you are so sore that walking downstairs seems like a monumental task. Set your race schedule and start your training at least four months out for a sprint, six months out for an Olympic distance tri, and give yourself a full nine to twelve months for that Ironman. There is no rush to get in shape. Make gradual steps and give yourself time. Doing it this way wards off injury, fatigue, illness, and puts you on the fast track to results quicker than any over-training approach will.

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