April 11, 2014
Bob’s Best: A Crowd Pleaser



Feeling lucky in April? YOU could be one of the next lucky Bob’s Best winners on April 20! 

If you haven’t gotten in the game now is the time.  On the 20th of each month Bob Babbitt brings YOU the best discount on all open 2014 TriRock Triathlon Series events, but more importantly he also has a cool piece of swag for a few extra-lucky individuals in each market.


Here’s what the winners are saying:



Thank you very much for the follow up.  The book did arrive last month and I have been thumbing through it to serve as motivation for my training.  While I’m not doing the “Iron” distance any time soon, it is very cool to see what goes into it.  Also, I knew it would be autographed, but did not expect it to be personalized to me…Very cool!  Thanks again.  I’m looking forward to San Diego in September…Just wish it was sooner!

 -Brandon, TriRock San Diego


Hi Bob,

I received your book and I love it. I’ve been reading it and love the stories.  Is this official race swag, cause if it is, it’s pretty sweet!

 -Dave, TriRock Philadelphia


This is awesome! Can’t wait to get out there this spring and work hard.

 -Katherine, TriRock Lake Geneva


Hello Bob,

Your book got here and is amazing. Very fun to look through it and see the differences throughout the years. My husband wants to get into triathlons now after seeing it! Now I just have to teach him how to swim…Thanks again!

-Keasha, TriRock Colorado


Hi Bob–I received the book and thank you!  Got me excited to start training again–have a great day—–

 –Mary, TriRock Philadelphia


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