Austin: Spectator Information

  • A triathlon race course uses open areas and public roads. As a result, it is important that spectators be conscious of their surroundings and be careful not to interfere with the athletes during the race
  • Follow instructions from all Race Staff, volunteers and public safety officers
  • Do not at any time, enter the race course
  • Pacing athletes is not permitted
  • Be aware of areas Off Limits to spectators
  • Do NOT lean or push on fencing
  • Use designated crosswalks only when instructed by volunteers
  • Always look both ways and behind you before crossing or changing direction
  • Keep moving in a orderly fashion
  • Racers have the right of way. Spectators MUST yield to racers in progress
  • SPECTATORS and/or FAMILY MEMBERS are NOT permitted in the Transition Area
  • Know your athlete‚Äôs race number, swim cap color, wave number, wave start time and estimated finish time
  • Have a plan to meet up with your athlete at conclusion of race
  • Leave plenty of travel time. Expect heavy traffic into Race Site and/or Parking Area

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